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Mendine Pharmaceuticals is listed among the top 200 companies in India. Our horizon of expertise expands from cutting edge allopathic drugs to age old traditions of India- the Ayurveda Drugs.

Mendine is anISO 9001:2008, GMP/GLP certified manufacturing company with a wide range of Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food supplement products. Mendine Pharmaceutical has an SBU (Strategic Business Unit) called Mendine Lifecare Products which focuses on Export of finished dosage form along P2P business.

We have a strong presence in domestic market for last 7 decades & we are into 3rd part manufacturing very recently.

We committed towards:

  • The best quality products
  • The best services
  • Affordable and competitive rates
  • Timely delivery
  • Prompt settling of queries
  • Innovative products

Our Manufacturing Facility:
Our production hub is situated in Mahestala, Kolkata. The factory consists of Production department, F&D department, QA & QC department and Regulatory department. The company has set up a STATE-OF-ART Formulation unit which comprises the manufacturing of Oral Liquids & Suspensions with an assurance of quality and reliability.

We have spare capacity in the manufacturing of Oral liquids & Suspensions in dosage form. The building, plant & machinery are as per GMP/GLP norms and the best available in the industry. We have an adequate and designated space for storage of Raw material, packing material and finished goods. Mendine provides a good skill set of personnel and trained workers to achieve the production target.

Mendine provides a wide range of excellent and efficient machineries & equipment as per modern GMP guidelines which includes:

  • manufacturing vessels for the purpose of production which are GMP specified whose size varies from 200 litres to 3000 litres.
  • Fully steam operated closed vessel (1000 litre) for syrup preparation and sparkler filter (capacity: 900 litre/hour) for faster operation.
  • Modern Manufacturing Vat with inbuilt stirrer and emulsifier (capacity 1000 litre) along with colloid mill (capacity: 15 litre)for preparation of excellent suspension/emulsion.
  • Currently 3 packing lines operates here, two are fully automated and one is semi-automated and our packing operation varies in wide range from 6 ml to 450 ml.
  • Our liquid manufacturing operational line has a capacity 25000 bottles per day (7 hours a shift) i.e. 625000 bottles per month.
  • We are capable of packing formulation both in glass and pet bottles of any size.

Quality Control
Our QC professionals are concerned with activities related to the correct receipt,handling, packing, and internal control and release of products. These activities must be carried out prior to the shipments of goods.  Mendine’s QC team ensures that every single batch is released from our facilities only after the necessary controls have been adhered to.

Quality Assurance

Our QA professional are responsible for developing, monitoring & overseeing measures that assure control, reproducibility & reliability of our manufacturing and testing process. Through their activities, the QA team is responsible for ensuring that Mendine meets government requirements as well as providing assurance of safety and efficacy of medicines to the customer.

 Formulation Department:

The quality of our products is continuously improved by innovations in production processing, analyzing, documentation and service.

To achieve robust and efficient process qualification for scale up, we make extensive use of modern tools. Some of the latest developments for liquid manufacturing are:

  • Taste masking solution for very bitter drug intended for oral liquid preparation.
  • Customized taste with an array of flavours as per age group and lifestyle.
  • Bioavailability solutions for poorly soluble drugs.

Vendor Management Policy
Mendine procures only from suppliers who have been pre-qualified by our quality professionals. Our prequalification process falls into three major steps:

  • Screening of supplier documentation.
  • Assessment of sample Analysis.
  • On-site audit.

While the current manufactured formulations are listed under Product tab, we also extend client customized manufacturing facilities beyond the listed formulations.


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