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We at Mendine continuously strive to improve the quality of human life. We make tomorrow happen by doing more, so that people may feel better and live longer through the valuable contributions we make to society by developing and marketing medicines essential for people at large.

Mendine's core value is to continue to be a good corporate citizen, to be committed towards the communities for whom it works. We believe in being proactive, in improving the environment and in actively contributing to social welfare.

I take this opportunity to thank our patrons and channel partners, including our doctors' fraternity and our patients, who have consistently partnered our progress. Together, we can make the tomorrow healthier and safer.

Currently, the Board of Directors comprises:

Mrs. Kalpana Chakraborty


Mr. Probhas Bondhu Chakraborty

Managing Director

Mrs. Srijani Chakraborty


Mr. Biswanath Pal


Mr. Pulak Ranjan Nag