In our glorious journey of 86 years, we are inclined for advancement in our services and aims to touch every life with our high quality products for your productive and aseptic future.

Attainment of WHO-GMP & GLP Certifications

In our glorious journey of 86 years, we have been inclined for advancement and hence, we have earned GMP & GLP certifications. We are proud to announce that now are an ISO 9001:2015 certified, GMP & GLP compliance company.

E-Commerce Launches of Ayurvedic Product Line (Roots)

Mendine has stepped into the Ayurvedic market with latest product stack and now we have successfully launched our Ayurvedic product basket in E-Commerce platforms (i.e., Amazon, Flipkart, HealthPlus, etc.) under the brand name of Roots.

Introduction of Field Force

We are not behind in terms of technology. We have successfully implemented Field Force Automation (FFA) to automate and manage the activities of our company's field force with the assistance of technology.

Stepped into Contract Manufacturing & Institutional Business Markets

We have stepped into 3rd-party manufacturing flourishingly. After infiltrating into Contract Manufacturing and Institutional Business Markets, we intend to provide high-quality products to meet our vision of creating a healthier future.

Latest Launches/Announced Products

We always strive to make the best products for our consumers. Mendine Pharmaceuticals has expanded into various product categories thrivingly.

People Development Training & Skills

From sales personnel to other valued employees, belonging from a diverse backgrounds, we provide each and every individual with equal opportunities to grow and develop with appropriate training within the organization. Therefore, we have implemented a variety of employee training programmes within our company.